Friday 20 May 2016


Sit down kids, we're talking about Narlies! Narlies are... uh... Narlies! You see, on the planet of the Rock Lords, everything is made out of Rock. Also there are furry Narlies which clearly aren't rocks in any shape or form. They look like animals and have fur and no rocky parts whatsoever.

It would be tempting to say that Narlies were an extra thing from a different line that Tonka added to Rock Lords to pad the line out (and maybe they were) but at the same time, they were clearly part of the plan for the line from the very beginning. The first wave of Narlies were released alongside the first Rock Lords, and they even appeared in the movie. Someone sat down and said "Yes, these Rock Lords clearly need Narlies, whatever Narlies are."
Unlike the other Rock Lords, Narlies don't transform. Instead their gimmick is that they are furry, and that they roll along with their mouths opening and closing, tail wiggling and making a 'groink' noise. This is obviously what kids want (my sister actually had a Narlie, I'm not sure I even realised it was a Rock Lord until years later).

Narlihog has a two-toned fur in dark grey and white, and a bright orange-red pig-like snout and design. He's one of the good Narlies (he and Narliphant are good, the rest are evil which feels a bit racist to call a species evil but hey, Rock Lords).
He goes 'groink' when you roll him along (the 'groink' noise is actually the sound of the wheel and mechanism clicking along, but it's notable enough. Apparently each Narlie has a different noise but they all sound the same to me. Groink.) The wheel doesn't really have enough grip for the friction it needs, so the Narlies only really work properly on a decently rough surface.

All the Narlies are pretty much the same. Narli-hog at least has a nice fur colour scheme and seems to be one of the easiest ones to find. If you get lonely, perhaps you could pretend he is a hamster and pet him.

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