Thursday, 25 August 2016

Rock Lords Fanzine at TF Nation 2016

The most exciting highlight of the TF Nation 2016 convention was not the Rock Lord panel or Rock Lord display or Rock Lord movie showing (it wasn't even a Rock Lord convention!) but the free Rock Lords fanzine!

Made by myself and several amazing contributors, this was given out free at the Toy Fu stall in an attempt to attract people towards us. Toy Fu is a charity stall, where all profits go towards the charity Mary's Meals. Mary's Meals sets up school feeding projects in some of the world's poorest communities, where hunger and poverty prevent children from gaining an education. This year we raised £3,600!

The fanzine is now online for your pleasure, below. If you enjoyed the fanzine, please consider donating any amount to Mary's Meals to enable the charity to continue its good work in changing the lives of children.

There are also some physical copies available (black and white with a colour cover and centre page). If you want one, all it costs is postage and packing - £1.50 within the UK and £5.50 to America, plus making a donation (any amount) to Mary's Meals. Contact me if you want postage anywhere else! If you're interested, message me @rocklordsrock on Twitter. The package will also include a Boulder and Magmar badge!

Prints of the cover and inside were also available at the convention, though currently I can't work out how to post them cheaply. If you want a better copy of the images than in the PDF, then find the cover here and centre piece here.

Download the fanzine here!


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