Thursday 25 August 2016

Rock Lords Fanzine at TF Nation 2016

The most exciting highlight of the TF Nation 2016 convention was not the Rock Lord panel or Rock Lord display or Rock Lord movie showing (it wasn't even a Rock Lord convention!) but the free Rock Lords fanzine!

Wednesday 3 August 2016


You may feel that there was nothing left to say about Narlies after several near-identical reviews of these figures, which in themselves are near-identical. If you thought that then you are a fool! Narlies are as distinct as the various lifeforms on Quartex and should be treated with the respect they deserve - especially Narlirhino! Narlirhino is one of the rarer series 2 of Narlies and looks a bit like a rhino with two horns. If you thought that there was nothing else I could add then shake your head in shame and enter this informative article!
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