Sunday 8 May 2016

Welcome to the Rock Lords blog!

Why Rock Lords?

I don't know. Maybe I fell down one day and hit my head really hard? Maybe I was cursed by an evil wizard? Maybe I just like Rock Lords?

This blog is all about Rock Lords, those irrepressible Lords of Rock who leapt onto our screens in 1986 in the blockbuster movie 'Gobots: Battle of the Rock Lords'. Back in the 80s, it seemed that everyone had decided Rock Lords were going to be the next big thing. There were lots of copycat 'character turns into rock' toys, from the He-Man Rock Warriors to those Bandai Egg Monster things. And then they just went away!

As a child I only had one Rock Lord (the purple monster Spike Stone) but thought he was awesome! The mini-comic he came was exciting, and of course there was the movie! I always wanted more, but as the shops selfishly didn't sell them, it wasn't possible to amass a collection so I went and got all of the Supernaturals instead.

Over the years I forgot about my thwarted desire until watching Steven Universe. For those not in the loop, this is a modern TV show about characters with gem-themed names... and then it turns out that they are literally rocks from space who turn into people! My Rock Lord flame was lit anew and I decided to collect them.

This blog will mainly feature photo galleries of my collection, as well as various Rock Lord facts and other vaguely related items. Please contact me if there is anything you want me to feature, or have any ideas or things to add! I'd love to hear from you!

Rock on, Rocketeers!!


  1. A Rock Lords blog. Finally! Happy Days!

  2. I never had any Rock Lords growing up but I did have the Rock Lords movie VHS and always wanted some of the figures. I collected quite a few of the main characters from the cartoon several years ago.

  3. I'm glad you reached out to me on Twitter as I may have not found your awesome blog! I look forward to future posts. I'll add a link to your blog on mine with my next update.


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