Saturday 28 May 2016

Rock Lords in other media: Noah

Russell Crowe's 2014 movie 'Noah' was the story of Noah's Ark, an adaption of the classic Biblical tale of one man and his boat, one that is treasured by billions over the world. In adapting the film, the movie makers kept this to heart, respectfully sticking close to the source text. However there were some surprises: namely the inclusion of Rock Lords. But how much like 'Rock Lords' is 'Noah'? Is there enough Rock Lord content for the discerning Rock Lords fan?

The film follows the traditional tale of Noah, however the exciting part comes when Noah gets a message from God about the floods. Instead of asking his family for help building the Ark as tradition would have us believe, he instead goes to visit the Rock Lords and asks them instead. Trees magically appear and the Rock Lords get to work helping Noah like the friendly fellows they are.

It has been some time since I read the Bible, but I do not recall either Boulder or Magmar being in it. I assume Russell Crowe knows better than me though! Is this a faithful depiction of Rock Lords though, or just a cheap cash-in to grab the money of the Rock Lord fan base?

The Rock Lords transform!

The Rock Lords in the film are certainly made of rock. They're animated with a neat stop-motion gait, though all of them are the same grey colour, and look more alieneqsue - more like a race of Pulver-Eyes than Boulders! They even transform from rock mode to humanoid, as depicted in one scene where the Rock Lords surprise some villains to help Russell Crowe look like a bad-ass!

The Rock Lords turn into rocks, in an especially hard to screencap scene!

Their origin is even similar to the Rock Lord origin. If you may recall, the Rock Lords turned into rocks due to some sort of vague rock-based apocalypse on their home planet. In this film, the Rock Lords arrive on Earth from space and on crashing, turn into rocks.

The Rock Lords in this film are pretty weak. Despite being giants made from rock, they seem to die to primitive humans quite easily, and their role is very much playing second fiddle to Russell Crowe, eventually sacrificing themselves for him. There aren't even any Narlies in the film (unless you count Emma Watson). Surely while bringing the animals on board the Ark, Noah could have left room for two Narlilions?

In conclusion, while the Rock Lord content in this film is quite accurate, there is little in it. You would be best to just watch the sections with the Rock Lords, and in doing so learn more about how Rock Lords have shaped our planet. Will Russell Crowe put more Rock Lords in his future films? I hope so!

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