Every year I have helped make the TMUK Transformers fanzines which are sold at TF Nation via the Toy Fu stall, with all profits going to the charity Mary's Meals. Mary's Meals supplies school meals to some of the world's poorest children so they don't have to choose between getting an education and eating. If you enjoy any of the below fanzines, please think about making a donation to them at


The Best of Transformers Comic-Magazin
A collection of translation of obscure German text stories

A comic tale inspired by 300, but with robots!


A fanzine celebrating 30 years of Rock Lords!


A fanzine celebrating 15 years of Transformers: Armada


The Little Book of Masterforce
A bumper-sized fanzine all about Super God Masterforce (the best Transformers series!)

A Vast Predatory Bird
A collection of poetry telling the story of Transformers Generation 2!

Tales From The Matrix Keeper
A comic collection of Transformers: Mosaic and Bots of Honour strips, all restored/recoloured to high quality


Small Soldiers
A fanzine dedicated to the Micromasters. Small robots, big fanzine!

The Junior Micromaster Encyclopedia
A profile book of all the Micromasters. 100% factual!

Little Victories
A full-length novel about all of your favourite Micromasters. Also Strikedown.

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